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Conditions of hire


Lumihilla Oy lays down the following conditions as regards booking accommodation and other services at Ylläshilla cabin, and cancelling bookings. These terms will be binding on both parties after the customer has paid the deposit mentioned in the conditions of hire.


The person booking the cabin must be adult. Minors without parents or guardians are required to produce a written consent of a parent or guardian. This must be sent to Lumihilla Oy prior to arrival.

As soon as the customer has paid the deposit (30% of the total price) on due date, the booking will be confirmed. No deposit is charged, if the customer makes a booking later than eight (8) weeks before the start of the accommodation. The balance must be paid in full not less than six (6) weeks before arrival. If the balance has not been paid by this time, the booking will be cancelled. Notice of cancellation shall be made in writing. We will send an invoice for the deposit and balance at the same time.

The link on the Contact Information page provides access to a map showing the location of Ylläshilla. Contact information to the person who will give you the key (key service) will be marked on the invoice. You will also get this information from Lumihilla Oy.

When you arrive at the Cottage, you should be prepared to produce a receipt of a valid booking or a booking confirmation to the person who will give you the key. Lumihilla Oy is responsible for providing the services specified in the contract.


Please note that cancellations must always be made in writing to Lumihilla Oy.

If a cancellation is made:

  • more than 30 days before the start of the holiday, only a cancellation fee of EUR 40 is payable

  • 21-30 days before the start of the holiday, 30% of the value of the booking added with the cancellation fee of EUR 40 is payable

  • later than 21 days before the start of the holiday, the total accommodation fee is payable
A cancellation is considered valid once the cancellation notification has been received by Lumihilla Oy. If cancellation is caused through sickness, serious injury or death of the customer or a person living in the same household with him or her, Lumihilla Oy undertakes to refund the deposit and balance, if already paid, less EUR 40 cancellation fee. In cases mentioned above, the customer must produce a medical certificate from a doctor in support of any claim. If the booking is cancelled while the customer is staying at the cabin, the deposit and balance paid will not be refunded.

A customer who wants to change the date of the booking is considered to cancel an earlier booking and make a new booking. In case Lumihilla Oy succeeds in getting another customer for the period cancelled, the payment will be refunded to the extent the new customer's payment covers the costs.


In case of a force majeure event, Lumihilla Oy may terminate a booking. The customer is entitled to reclaim the deposit and balance already paid. If the deposit or balance has not been paid within deadline, the booking is cancelled.


The keys to Ylläshilla are handed over to the customer as agreed in advance. The time of arrival must always be agreed in advance with the key service. The contact information of the key service is given in the invoice. You may also consult Lumihilla Oy for contact information.


Ylläshilla is available to the customer from 4 p.m. on the day of arrival and until 12 a.m. on the day of departure. Consult the key service or Lumihilla Oy for the times of arrival and departure. The accommodation fee includes bed clothes, basic cutlery and crockery, electricity, firewood and the fixtures mentioned in the list of inventories. Consult the page Ylläshilla. .

The customers bring their own bed linen or book it in advance when making the reservation. A separate fee is payable for bed linen. Consult the page Price list. .


Final cleaning is included in the rental price for a stay of three nights or more. The price for final cleaning is added to the rental price for a day. During the stay it is the customer's responsibility to keep the cabin clean. If necessary, extra cleaning may be ordered for an extra fee either by contacting Lumihilla Oy when booking accommodation, or the property manager during the stay..

If extra cleaning is needed after the customer has left, Lumihilla Oy will charge the customer an extra fee

The customer is obliged to report any damage to Lumihilla Oy or the property manager without delay. The customer must compensate for the damage caused to the cabin or its contents. The compensation shall be paid to Lumihilla Oy.


Ylläshilla cabin must not be used by a larger number of persons than mentioned in the invoice. Customers are not allowed to put up a tent or park a caravan or camper on the site of the cabin without Lumihilla OY's permission.


Any damage caused to the cabin or its contents shall be reported to the property manager or Lumihilla Oy without delay

Lumihilla Oy, address: Hiidenkiventie 23 B, 04200 Kerava, Finland, telephone +358 40 5444 029

Ylläshilla, address: Ollintie 14, 95970 Äkäslompolo, Finland